Learn about infant, toddler, and three-year-old development!

Below are Texas’ Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines. They include important information about how to support your child’s development. You can download a complete version, as well, below.

To get started learning about what your child should know and be able to do at different ages, select an age, to the left. Then select one of 4 different tabs on areas of development. Each area of development will include 3-4 sections you can select from. You can also switch back and forth from learning about what your child might do at different ages, to what you can do to support their development. Don’t forget to visit other sections of the website to view videos and download resources related to your child and his or her development!

Texas Pediatric Society
These guidelines are endorsed by the Texas Pediatric Society

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0-8 Months | Physical Development |Health & Wellbeing | Child Behaviors

• Gaze at object, person, or toy

• Turn towards sounds and noises

• Cry when hungry and quiet down when picked up for breastfeeding or when they see caregiver with bottle

• Begin to calm during bathtime

• Babble or coo with caregivers during diaper-changing time