Act Early

Parents can make sure their children have a better start in life if they learn about and are aware of the signs of developmental delays and disabilities. Although, all children grow and develop at different rates, it is important to take action when certain skills or milestones of development do not seem to be occurring. Identifying these developmental delays early on in your child’s life and discussing them with your doctor or a specialist will greatly increase your child’s chance of reaching his or her full potential. When doctors and experts are made aware of a concern there are strategies that can help! But they are most effective if started early in your child’s life.

Why not learn a little more about this important step you can take for your child? Watch the video below for more information or click the blue button to screen your child free for developmental delays today!

Check out this video and learn how to look for developmental delays and what to do if you are worried about your child’s development!


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